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Youtube videos are not wmode=transparent

Youtube videos are not wmode=transparent
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Until now, our site (fd.dkpsystem.com) has been okay with youtube videos as everything was static, and so the videos were not in an area where they could cover anything up. However, now that our top menu bar moves with the page view, it gets covered up if someone posts a youtube video. Is it possible to change the automatic youtube embed script to make youtube videos wmode=transparent? It shouldn't interfere with anyone's formatting, while making youtube videos not cover divs and such. If it is not feasible to do on your end because it would in some way interfere with certain style elements, could you post the regular expression you're using for youtube videos so that I can modify it for my site only?
Thanks, I'll fix this overall.

It's all in the reflexes.
Thanks for getting back to me on this!
I don't know if this is related, but the videos on our site are now transparent, but they no longer display fullscreen (seems to reload the video in higher resolution if that option is on your youtube account, but still no fullscreen) and the video opens in a new window instead of a new tab in browsers that support it. It also seems to be using an older embed rather than the newest versions, maybe the problem lies there.

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