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GRSS using /roll as interest marker

GRSS using /roll as interest marker
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This may already be in the addon and I am being a bit thick but:

Currently in guild we announce the item that is on the loot list, then people do a /roll to show interest for this item.
We then manually look down the dkp list for who of these is the highest and they are awarded the item.

Is there a way to have it so that after rolling has stopped it announces the person who rolled to show interest that is highest on dkp?

Ive just found out I can manually sort by dkp then look down the roll column but this still requires some effort and I am quite lazy...
Looking at it, I have managed to bodge it slightly by just making GRSS_DKP[i].roll = 1;

in the recordroll function however im sure theres a much better way to do it?

You could also change line 2301 from

local Actions = {"1-100","1-1000","1-1337"};


local Actions = {"1-100","1-1000","1-1337","1-1"};

Then have your users "/roll 1"

Though the most "recommended" mode is to use public auction and tells.

And if you're comfortable maintaining your own fork of the GRSS, feel free to fork it on github: http://github.com/choptastic/GuildRaidSnapShot

It's all in the reflexes.

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