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Application and Account Creation automation

Application and Account Creation automation
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Application and Account Creation automation
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Creator Saudorun
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I would like to see a little integration in the application and account creation systems.

Once a guild site is up and running and you enter recruiting mode I would like to see some automation between the application process and account creation.

What I'm thinking is going to be kind of multi-faceted.

1. I would like to get away from using account names for logins and using email addresses. A lot of sites use similar systems and it gets away from the "I forgot my account name" issues a little. Of course what I'm asking for doesn't require this as you could simply ask for a login name in the application process and link the two together.

2. If you went to an email based system I think it would be easy to tie application and account creation together. Once an application is submitted requiring an email address the person could be auto added at a rank of "applicant". This would allow operators to add levels of visibility for applicant ranks to see things that the guild leader and officer want them to have access to if any over the general public.

3. If the application is accepted the user would be sent an automatic acceptance email similar to the validation email and if they confirm/validate then their account would be automatically changed to the lowest rank of an active guild member.

4. If the application is rejected it would send the user an automatic rejection email and delete their account from the site. I would also like options at this level when rejecting in the case of an offensive application or a known offensive player to blacklist the email address that was used to submit the application with either on a permanent or temporary basis.

The reason for this suggest is that often the GM and other officers will have the ability to accept applications and then request that the users create an account. The problem is that not everyone understands the Alert the pops up at the bottom or communicates fully that a person has been accepted. Thus for example I'm always asking my fellow officers if a person creating an account on the site is a member in the guild or not.
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I love it!

Ieyasu - Organizer, Ex Cineribus

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