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Raid Sign up suggestions...

Raid Sign up suggestions...
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Our guild isn't necessarly set on "class" specifics for attendance, would it be possible to just get a box that just allows us to say the total number requested for the raid .. say 20/40.. what ever the case.. and then the approved and waitlisted would work as it does the otherway.

Also, we need timestamps on sign-ups.. so when we're clearing the waitlist we know who signed up 1st.. 2nd.. ect...

Louis T.

The Spreading Taint - WoW Group Admin
Rough Trade - Assistant Admin
To build on this idea Chops, why not just make it configurable...For us, I don't care too much about class specifics, but I do know that for a 20 man raid I want 7 "healers".

So 1: Allow us to define our player categories...For me it would be "healers", "tanks", "dps"....for SkorMT it would be "people" for someone else it might be "mages", "priests", "warriors"
2: Give us a means to associate REAL classes to categories
3: (this is just to cover all bases) Have those player categories show up on the event creator...with a checkbox. Unchecked means you don't need that player category, checked means you do

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