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resto shaman

resto shaman
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character name: happycòw http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/grim-batol/Happyc%C3%B2w/simple

alts: zezutheonly- muttè and supertypen

me: my name is munzir abdullah im 23 years old i have played wow since end of tbc. im a former refusion member. i live in Norway i speak fluently english and im not shy on vent at all.

i got 4/7 FL heroic atm and im a very progressiv person. i am also patient, im not a whiner i dont care if any gear is reserved or like that. i havent been rerolled resto since wotlk i love too play. i got 2 resto shamans. i just love too play shaman and i think its the best class atm...

addons: recount too check my hps.
poweraura so i can track tidal waves and powertorrent.
kgpanels so my raid ui dont look that messy.

my computer: i got an brand new asus gaming computer with inelcore i7. i havent yet experienced any lagg or low fps so far.

keybindings: 1.riptide
3.greater healing wave
mousbutton1.call of the elements
mousbutton2.unleash elements and blood fury (racial)
mousbutton3.lighting bolt (used often for mana regain)
mousbutton4. tremor totem
shift-e.potion of concentration
V.jaws of deafet.
F. healing surge
Shift-R. mana tide totem.
Q. healing rain
shift-F. spirit link totem
X.ghost wolf

how i prepare for raids: well i got always more then 5 potion of flask of the flowing water and draconic mind, i got atleast 20 potion of concentration and i got fortune cookie for the 90 intelect buff wich is necessary for heroics. i repair up and make sure that i have visited the toilet right before i accept summon.

proffesions: well im gonna farm JC atm i dont got any i already got JC on my hunter wich you can see on armory. and perhaps enchanting for those awsome ring enchants.

reforge stats: Spirit > Haste to 916 Rating > Mastery > Crit > Haste and i try too avoid everything that got no spirit on cus its so core to both my mana regen and that of my raid via mana tide totem.

if you wanna contact me: mumin_9_3@hotmail.com wich is my real id aswell. as you see im very bad at writing apply, thats why i prob dont got a job..

munzir abdullah

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