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GRSS addon for Rift

GRSS addon for Rift
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GRSS addon for Rift
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Creator Renakh
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Rift is allowing addons "soon"; will there be a chance for the GRSS addon to be made for it?
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The best I can say is "maybe" on that one.

It's all in the reflexes.
Quote by Chops
The best I can say is "maybe" on that one.

Understandable as I know it takes time to make add-ons.

I'm currently trying to convince the guild I'm in now to use your site (they currently use Enjin (Enjin sucks imo, but I'm not 100% in charge and I wasn't in the guild when they made the choice to go with Enjin) and if there was a DKP add-on for Rift like there is for WoW I could almost guarantee I could convince them to switch to dkpsystem. (I still might be able to anyways as the guild leader lives next door to me, but the DKP mod would seal the deal as the officers there want one bad and the game currently lacks a good one).

I'm no add-on author but if you ever need help testing a Rift DKP mod let me know. I so miss your mod from WoW when I'm playing Rift and loot is being done.

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