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Calendar via grss import has wrong month

Calendar via grss import has wrong month
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Calendar via grss import has wrong month
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Creator woh
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The calendar import appears to be broken. I did an import this afternoon and events from April (next month in game) are showing up at DKPSystems as March. I even deleted and re-entered from a fresh /grss snapshot.

Sunday, April 24th is our guild meeting at 2PM in game.
On DKP it says Marth 24th is our guild meeting.

our account is

http://www.thewindofhope.com (login: woh)

Love your system.


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......iiiiiiiinteresting. This was an issue a few years ago, and it was fixed. I wonder what, if anything, has changed.

Could you upload the data file for me here so I can do some testing to see if it's the mod freaking out or the importer?

Thanks in advance

It's all in the reflexes.
Here Ya Go.
This is causing additional problems because the dates are not matching for the DKP import either now.

Any ideas?

Thanks, I'm looking into the cause. I should have a fix for you soon.

It's all in the reflexes.

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