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Clicking on current members in Current standings page different?

Clicking on current members in Current standings page different?
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When I click on a particular member in the current standings listing on our dkp page, the layout is significantly different. I was wondering what was the cause of this and if I could change it back?


It now shows the caracter profile in a tabbed view vertically instead of the way it was before. I was mostly wondering if this was a dkpsystems admin layout change overall, or if I had done something or could do something to revert it
This is actually the DKP tab of the new character profile. I feel it's a much more comprehensive way to show the DKP history. You can filter by System (clicking the system at the top if you have more than one), and you can also filter with the drop down by by type (Item Received, Adjustment, etc). Beyond that, it provides a chronology, similar to a bank statement - you can see what happened in order of occurrence.

The previous way, with the entire profile on a single vertical page had two primary problems:

1) The layout was not consistent on all templates when the CSS got tweaked in a way that toasted it (making the page look terrible), but this only affected certain layouts, and

2) The previous profile was not conducive to adding functions.

What, may I ask, are you missing from the previous version that you want to see? Is it the division between the distinct sections for items, raids, and adjustments.

It's all in the reflexes.

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