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Creator Valdaglerion
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Section of the Site Advanced Layout Options and CSS
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I have a flash file (.swf) that I would like to use instead of the current background image for the header/logo image on our site. Could you please give step by step instructions on how to do this?

I tried using the "Background Image" link on the admin panel and simply replacing the current image. That removed the current image but did not show the animated image.
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Replacing the banner with a SWF file will involve doing a little custom hacking on your part. You'll want to head to the Advanced Layout Options and download the current layout file (right click, save as). Then, on that downloaded file, edit it with a text editor, and where the current background is being shown, you'll want to add the embed code for the SWF file.

In the template you're using, look for:

<div id=background> 
	<div id=logo onClick="location.href='news.php'"></div> 

It's all in the reflexes.

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