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Alert Box Doesn't Go Away

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Alert Box Doesn't Go Away
Creator boboshouseofgank
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Status Closed
Type Bug
Section of the Site Forum
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Hey DKPStaff,
Just wanted to pick your brain on a little annoying issue that we are noticing on our site that I can't quite figure out how to fix.
The little alert box shows up for our members even though they have read all postings, viewed applications, etc. The little alert box just sits there in the lower right hand corner. Can't click it or anything. Its just there. Was wondering if you have noticed this elsewhere or know what I can do to get the bugger to go away.

Here is a screenshot:

Bobos House of Gank
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4512 days ago
Chops Said:
All of your members see it?
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4509 days ago
boboshouseofgank Said:
Hey Chops,
Sorry was out of town for a bit and did not get a chance to follow up on this. From what I can tell the answer is yes, I thought it might have been only on officer members; but, I had a non officer confirm that she sees it as well.

Any ideas?

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4508 days ago
Chops Said:
Alrighty, given the fact that your alert box didn't respond to the hover-over action, I checked your Layout file, and found the source of the problem. Ultimately, you had copied the "notification" code to your layout, but this is code that is automatically inserted into the layout. I went ahead and deleted the code and redeployed your layout. Now, members should be able to hover over the alert box and it'll tell them why it's there.
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