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Drop-In Template War

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Drop-In Template War
Creator zapaar
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Status Closed
Type Suggestion
Section of the Site Menus
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I really like the Template "War" (Drop-In). Only one thing I kinda miss is my statistics, is there a way to get it to show up?

The Banner was to far to the left, I managed to figure out how to move that. Which should tell ya how much I know how to manually make things work :)

Thanks for any help in advance.
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5032 days ago
Chops Said:
Adding this would involve tweaking the HTML by going to Admin > Layout > Advanced Layout Options.

Then, somewhere in the HTML adding

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5031 days ago
SkorMT Said:
ah.. I was kind of hoping to get that into the Menu system somehow.. oh well .. guess we'll let it be for

on a second note for the WAR template... it appears that on the Beta Forums.. the <A> anchor (links) class isn't working as expected..

it appears that it picks up only for that non-visited links.. anything else.. it defaults back to the font colors..

we're trying to change ours to something other than red do to some members with red/green issues.. and the "fix" is only working if you are using the old forums.. but in the new forums it's only partial
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5031 days ago
Chops Said:
Interesting find on the A styles. I'll look into it.

As for the Statistics on the menus, this is something that's planned. There are a few more menu block types planned.
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5030 days ago
SkorMT Said:
Interesting find on the A styles. I'll look into it.

feel free to poke around on war.rtgc.org it's new as of last week. and still fairly clean in layout
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