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Sigs show expertise, not expertise rating as stated

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Sigs show expertise, not expertise rating as stated
Creator gloinir
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Status Open
Type Bug
Section of the Site Other/Misc
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made an account just so I could try and help out with this, if, improbably, nobody else on the Internetz has reported it.


In the dkpsigs, the option of showing "expertise rating" in the sig actually causes *expertise* itself to be shown, not the rating. This should be corrected either by changing the title to conform with what is really shown (the stat), or what is shown to match the title (the rating).

I believe the latter fix (correcting it to really show rating) would be preferable, since it would then match the setup for the closely related "hit"/"hit rating", which is available as a rating and as a percentage.

Just a tip from the nitpicker. =)
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