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applications and ranks

applications and ranks
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hey chops,

well we recently set up the applications so that they can only be viewed by members with the rank Veteran and above, ok in Feature acces the apps are set to Veteran, apps settings is set to Non-private and the appropriate people received the new veteran rank but still only officers and Guild Master can see the applications

Edit: it's the site of the guild: Fate (fate.dkpsystem.com) if u wanna fool around with the settings urself

designer of http://aszune.dkpsystem.com
Doublecheck the Thread Tag that they are associated with. That's important. If they are being put into the "Officer" thread tag, then only the officers will see them. If you have a seperate "applications" thread tag, then you'll need to doublecheck that that thread tag has the correct permissions by going to Admin > General Settings > Thread Tags.

It's all in the reflexes.
omg that i didn't see that


designer of http://aszune.dkpsystem.com

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