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Is there a way to check Admin History?

Is there a way to check Admin History?
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I share certain aspects of the website's admin with other members of our guild so that I'm not doing everything. However, I suspect one of my admin helpers of doing things they're not supposed to.

Is there a way to check the history of things done in the Admin way? I remember that our last Admin, (who stepped down and named me his replacement), was able to do something of that effect when we had a jr. admin deleting posts willy nilly. He was able to somehow check and find out that soandso was doing the deleting rather than someone else.

I'd really like to figure out who in particular is being naughty, rather than strip powers from the lot of my jr. admin.

I'm afraid there isn't currently a built-in way to do it, but if you need me to search the history, I can. I just need to know the thread/post deleted and I can try to uncover the culprit.

(sorry for the delayed response).

It's all in the reflexes.

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