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CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, and is used to stylize the HTML. HTML and CSS work in tandem.

On your DKPSystem.com site, you can edit the CSS for your site by going to Admin > Layout > CSS Editor.

We'll not be giving a complete CSS lesson, but instead will refer you to some resources for learning and using CSS.

Complete DKPSystem.com CSS Classes
A complete guide to the CSS classes used on DKPSystem.com sites

Firefox Addon: Web Developer
This addon allows you to modify the CSS of the site live. Your changes will show live as you type. Ultimately, it makes doing any web changes easier.

Firefox Addon: Firebug
Another addon that allows you to modify the CSS of the site live, including an "INSPECT" ability that alows you to select objects on the site to view it's properties. Just like "Web Developer", your changes will show live as you type, and it makes doing any web changes easier.

Web Tutorial: W3 Schools CSS tutorial
The W3 Schools are a great resource for learning Web development related things.

Book: CSS, the Definitive Guide
A great CSS reference by O'Reilly Publishing

Book: The Ultimate CSS Reference
A very up-to-date book about CSS and it's current developments, including references to the upcoming CSS3 (Which isn't a complete standard yet, but the book mentions and tries to address certain aspects of CSS3).

Incoming Guide Links
  • Color Configurator
  • Complete DKPSystem.com CSS Classes
  • Intro to the Advanced Layout Options
  • Javascript
  • Layout Guide
  • Pre-Made Color Schemes
  • Outgoing Guide Links
  • Complete DKPSystem.com CSS Classes
  • HTML

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