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Text editors

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Text Editors are the foundation of all programming.

They range from the simple to the extremely complicated. Some have auto-completion and syntax highlighting for certain languages, while others are so barebones that they should only be used under extreme circumstances.

Here are some recommended Text editors, all of them free.

This editor is not for the feint of heart, and is arguably one of the most off-putting editors ever (except maybe for it's predecessors vi and ed). Ultimately, though, this is a very powerful editor which focuses on keyboard entry over mouse-based systems, and has syntax highlighting for almost every programming language ever written. There is a version for Windows called "gvim" which does have some mouse functions and they work well. All of the programming done on DKPSystem.com is done in vim. Restated, this has a steep learning curve.

This is a text editor which claims to be a replacement for notepad. It has syntax highlighting for HTML and other web-based languages.

This is another notepad-style Syntax Highlighting text editor, advertising itself as a notepad replacement.

The original. All versions of Windows since 1.0 include a version of Notepad, which is a very simple text editor. We would never EVER recommend using it except in circumstances where you need to tweak something very quickly. All of the above programs are better, but notepad is available on all windows machines, so in some cases, convenience wins out.

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