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The <!--System:Menus--> Command is the preferred mechanism to display the majority of your menus. This utilizes the Menu File for displaying the menus.

The syntax is rather simple:


Keep in mind that [:MenusToIgnore] is optional, you may not want to filter certain menus.

Also note, that the "Left" and "Right" are derived from the Menu Administration section, and the left-and-right orientation of the Menu Categories.

Ultimately, this command will be replaced by the appropriate menus.

So for example,


Will be replaced by all of the menus on the left. For example, if on the right, you had the menus "Menu","Resources", "Calendar", and "Links" (in that order), then


is the functional equivalent of


The optional MenusToIgnore argument allows you to specify one or more menu categories (delimited by semi-colons(;) ) to be ignored by this function.

For example:


is the equivalent of


As another quick example, specifying more than one ignored menu:


is the equivalent of


You can just as easily use this function for displaying the menus on the right side of the Menu Administration section by specifying "Right" instead of "Left"


Additionally, you can quickly display all of the menus, regardless of their orientation by entering


There are several advantages to using this approach, over specifying the menus manually (with the <!--System:Menu--> command):
  1. The ability to change the ordering of Menus and the menu will adjust accordingly
  2. The ability to rename a menu category and the menu will continue to show
  3. The ability to add new menu categories and they will show

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