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The <!--System:StaticTitle--> command is very simple. It simply replaces itself with the file name of the current file, stripped of query strings, file extensions, and possibly leading slashes. This is an approach commonly used for custom images on a perpage basis or for custom javascript.

For example, if the address of the page you're on is: myguild.com/professionlist.php, then <!--System:StaticTitle--> becomes "professionlist"

If the address of the page you're on is myguild.com/viewthread.php?threadid=15&p4, then it becomes "viewthread."

Here's a codified example for you. Let's assume you've uploaded a number of files to your Administrative File Uploader: forum.png and news.png (among others).

In your layout.html file you put:
<img src="http://dkpfiles.com/myguild/files/<!--System:StaticName-->.png" />

When you go to forum.php, it would become the following:
<img src="http://dkpfiles.com/myguild/files/forum.png" />

and when you go to news.php, it would become the following:
<img src="http://dkpfiles.com/myguild/files/news.png" />

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