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The <!--System:Last10Items--> command will display the last 10 items received and recorded in the DKP system.

The is the HTML that gets displayed (formatted for readability).

<a href="..." class=quality4 onMouseover="tt(...')" onMouseout="ctt()">Helm of the Forgotten Protector</a>
<img src='refresh.gif' style="cursor:pointer" onClick="refreshthottitem(165018);this.style.display='none'" border=0><br />
<a href="..." class=quality4 onMouseover="tt('...')" onMouseout="ctt()">Leggings of the Forgotten Conqueror</a>
<img src='refresh.gif' style="cursor:pointer" onClick="refreshthottitem(179157);this.style.display='none'" border=0><br />																	

Only two items are shown there, but you should get the idea from that. Also, the popup and some link code has been removed for the sake of readability and replaced with "..."

This is how that would display when rendered.

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  • Last Modified: 2/2/2008 12:54pm
    Contributors: Chops
    Easy Link
    BBCode Link: [guide=--SystemLast10Items--][/guide]
    URL: http://www.dkpsystem.com/guide/--SystemLast10Items--