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The <!--Menu:Title--> command displays the title of each menu category (ie the text "Menu","Resources"). But it is a little more dynamic than you might expect. For the vast majority, this value is static.

For a static example


for the Resources Menu (called via <!--System:Menu:Resource--> for example), would become


For most menus, this value is static. However, for a few, it does change.

For example, the Login Menu might show the following, using the code example above might become

<b>Logged In: JoeBlow</b>

If the user is logged out, for the Login Menu, it might show

<b>Logged Out</b>

Or, for the "Current Members Online" menu, it would display like this (assuming there are 5 members online on your site right now)

<b>5 Members Right Now</b>

The point of this code is to display the header in a textual format. You'll notice in all of our Drop-In Templates, our headers have text in them rather than images. This ensures flexibility.

However, if you wish to utilize images, rather than text (for example, if you have a highly specialized font you wish to use, you'll need to make an image out of it), then you'll want to look into the <!--Menu:StaticName--> function.

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