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Recent Changes

* Updated the hover-over thread summary functionality:
----The page will now search the entire page looking for valid thread links and produce summaries for them. This includes adhoc links to forum threads like this, adhoc links to specific posts like this, and any threads in the popular threads, or recent threads lists.
----The thread summary will now show some more pertinent information, rather than just the first post. If you've already seen the post in it's entirety, it'll show the first and last posts. If you have any unread posts, it'll show the first post and the first unread post.
* Added ranks to the account approval page (the one gotten to from the alerts).
* Added support for WeGame.com videos. Adding a URL to a wegame video will embed the video, much like our YouTube and Google Video functionality works.

* Added new Menu Category options: Recent Threads, Popular Threads, Statistics, and Recent News Posts
* Readded the ability to view a single news post

* Added multiple voice server displays. Head to Admin > Menus > Ventrilo/Teamspeak Server Status to create a new one. It'll automatically create a new menu for you, but you may want to change the menu to another name, so as to signify the differences in servers.

* Chat now has sounds
* Chat now has a /roll command

* Added Runes of Magic to the list of games supported

* Fixed some Internet Explorer bugs related to showing tool tip popups.

* Added pagination to the DKP Raids and DKP Items pages

* Added the ability to customize the Age Sets in the DKP
* Added some new usable fields for Custom DKP columns

* Fixed some display bugs in the signup system
* Role-based signups now show class next to each name
* Fixed the "drag on first click" bug on the big calendar.

* Fixed a bug in the GRSS mod that was showing hidden DKP Systems
* Public and Private RSS Feeds added!

* A new version of the GuildRaidSnapShot mod which fixes a number of bugs and adds a feature allowing the user to choose if they want the loot prompt to pop during combat or not.

* WoW Calendar Importer, using our GuildRaidSnapShot mod.
* A number of new drop-in templates.
* Formatted Newsletters, allowing you to send mail either in HTML, BBCode, or Plain Text, as well as creating your own HTML Wrapper.

* Added a "New Site Wizard"
* Added a "Simple Admin Menu"
* Added backgrounds to the Raid Progression section (complete with pre-made WoW and LOTRO backgrounds)
* Added multiple "Sections" to the Raid Progression section (one for each raid group, guild, or whatnot)
* Added the ability to specify which servers are eligible for characters to be created, making for a much shorter drop down, as well as eliminating the problem of manually entered typos.
* As an extension to the eligible server issue, the Server Status page will now display all eligible servers for WoW and Warhammer.

* Added the Warhammer Online 1Class icons

* Deployed an update to the new forum. Details here.

* Deployed new forum software, adding many new features. Details found here, as they are extensive.

* Deployed new pricing mechanisms, allowing for 3-, 6-, 12-, and 24-month subscriptions.

* The RFI page has been updated to include Request Dates, as well has having an aesthetic upgrade to the + and - buttons.
* The Event Schedule page has had a visual upgrade with grouping. Recurring Events into two categories: Current and Expired. Individual Events have been broken into three categories: Current, Old, and Future.
* Event Categories can now be merged (by choosing the "Delete" button when editing the Event Category).

* Admins can now delete and archive submitted applications, as well as the applications (the questionnaires) themselves.
* Roster Rules have been implemented to allow admins to quickly define a set of rules for autopopulating rosters
* Restored the main "Server/Realm" chooser.
* Admins can now disable the ability for users to create their own characters altogether.
* In addition to defining the various games on each site, admins can now choose a "main game" which is used as the default for item links, and other minor changes.

* A minor hardware upgrade

* Completed our biggest update ever! Thank you for the feedback and quick bug reports.
* Added support for multiple games at the same time on a single site. You can even specufy custom games, if we don't currently support it, providing class, race, tradeskill, level, and other various settings relevant to different games.
* Added custom rosters.
* DKP Systems and calendar events can be limited to rosters.
* Added custom fields to characters and account profiles
* Added support for multiple applications, including applications for different games
* Moved the Applications page off the admin menu, and onto the main menu
* Rewrote the DKP Entry pages allowing for a more streamlined approach and user-friendly approach.
* Rewrote the event signup process for a much more streamline and flexible system.
* Added more options to calendar events.
* Added some new BBCode.
----[size=12] will make the text 12-point font
----[img=100,200] will make an image 100 pixels wide and 200 pixels wide

* Added Age of Conan item links (CrowfireRefresh This Item)

* Released two new Drop-In Templates: "Outland" and "Blood Elf"
* Deployed our own Sunwell Plateau Icon

* Updated the "Relinquish your Powers" option to make it a more "complete" process of handing control over to another account.

* Deployed the Layout Guide.

* Deployed new versions of the GRSS and DKPProfiler for the 2.4 patch in WoW

* Added new Drop-In Template: Wrath

* Added support for the following games: Planetside, Tabula Rasa, Hellgate: London, Age of Conan, Pirates of the Burning Sea, and Generic FPS games.

* Deployed roster importers for Vanguard, EQ2, and EQ from SOE
* Fixed a hover-over bug affecting the Envy template and potentially other Advanced Layouts.

* Deployed a new Drop-In Template called "Renewal"
* Changed the gallery security so that if the menu is hidden from the user, the user will also not be able to view the gallery. This change is also being applied to other pages, though the gallery is currently the only one right now.
* Added a number of tweaks to the Edit Box above BBCode enabled forms.
----The [code] box has been updated to support various programming languages. Click the "code" button on a form to see the list of available languages
----The Table, Smilies, and Color picker options have all been updated slightly to be a little more friendly.
----The Community Edit options will now only show on the forum's "Add a Post" forum. On Guide pages, it will display as a shortcut for linking to guides. On all other forums, both of these options disappear (Only guides can link to other guides in that way, and only to posts can use the Community Edit options).
* Fixed the bug on the BBCode Edit boxes that caused it to scroll to the top whenever clicking on an option.
* Added increased security with a number of aspects of the site.

* Deployed new Drop-In Template called "Glass"

* Fixed a bug in menu administration that allowed the Admin menu to get hidden.
* Another relatively large upgrade to the forums:
----Added Secondary Thread Tags
----Added the ability to prune private threads, private thread tags, and choose the thread tags you wish to prune
----Removed the "Notify me of Posts to this thread" button in exchange for having "Favorite" threads send you an email. This option is changeable in your "Edit Account" section.
----Classic Mode can now be the default for your site.
----Reworked the layout of the View thread page no longer requesting id=pagetitle in the HTML for advanced layout.
----Admins can now modify the members in a private thread.
* Updated About our Forums, to go with the new Forum Changes.

* Deployed the "Envy" Drop-In Template

* Added Waiting list to the snapshots in the GRSS
* Added Waiting list importing to the GRSS Upload
* The GRSS will now record offline Raid members and record their zone as "Offline." The GRSS Upload will automatically deselect members who were offline but still in the raid.

* Fixed a bug in the eqDKP importer.
* Deployed the new "Big Calendar" which is a full-screen AJAX powered calendar complete with event scheduling and drag-and-drop event moving.
* Improved the standard event scheduling page with a popup Calendar for quicker scheduling.
* Added the ability for users to create their own events. This is controlled by a new security option labeled "myschedule" in Feature Access.
* Tweaked the hover-over system for more flexibility and concurrent hover-overs (something previously not possible with previous versions).

* Deployed the Arena page and the Arena Menu Category. This uses the WoW armory. If you don't see any data, or the menu option showing up yet, it's because we're retrieving the data from the Armory right now
* Deployed a new version of the DKPProfilerUploader which fixes a few bugs.
* User signing up for events may now enter notes without having to check the "Late" box.

* Created a walkthrough for using our "Guides" (our Wiki-like customization options). See Creating Guides located on the menu under "Articles."

* Deployed an update to the Ticketing System allowing for more specific searching through filtering tabs.

* Deployed a Ticketing system for easy access and tracking of Bugs, Feature Suggestions, and Support Requests (will be made public later today)
* Deployed a new version of the GRSS which includes the following changes:
----Ranks now display on the show window
----Added Wipe detection, which when a wipe is detected, will prompt if you wish to record the snapshot
----Added Zul'Aman Bosses
----Add the ability to request to be added to the waitlist by sending a tell in the format: !waitlist
----Made some speed optimizations
* Added the Zul'Aman Bosses to destinations
* On gallery picture pages, added the BBCode and HTML for thumbnails with links to the image page. Added the URL of both the thumbnail and the image itself.
* Added the ability to edit the name and description of the Gallery pictures (long overdue).
* Added a [flash] tag to BBCode
* Fixed a number of bugs in Ranks, Classic mode on the forums, Applications, Shoutbox, Calendar
* Made some significant overall code optimizations
* Completely revised the Guide functionality, making it more like a Wiki. New articles can be created by inserting the [guide] tag. The documentation for this process will be ready today.
* The GuildBank mod has been renamed to the "DKP Profiler" due to issues with the World of Warcraft 2.3 Patch.
* The DKP Profiler Mod fully supports the Guild Bank functionality from in-game.
* Added CSS classes for the following things: Shoutbox, Calendar, and Vent/TS Status window. The default style file on each site has been updated with the new changes. If you are using Advanced Layout and linking to another CSS file, you'll need to add the following classes to your CSS file:

* Fixed a few bugs in the "Classic Mode" of the forums.
* Fixed the color picker and smilie bug on the guides and menu items.

* Fixed the EQ Item links
* Fixed the Vanguard Item Links (they now use MMODB instead of Curse Gaming)
* Changed the LOTRO item links to use MMODB
* Added item links for FFXI using Allakhazam (ie Dynamis SwordRefresh This Item)
* Removed the URL link from items in the DKP section. This URL option has been deprecated for some time.
* Added the ability to mark a character as having been "Standby" in a raid (for members who were not in the raid but online in the guild)
* Modified the manual raid data entry screen to be slightly more friendly
* Modified the upload process for the GRSS in the following ways:
     -Moved the DKP System Chooser to the beginning of the process
     -The Alt remembering process will now always remember alt assignments until that alt assignment is intentionally changed
     -Added a "standby" component

* Added Mount Hyjal and Black Temple loot tables. Filled in a few missing items from the Outland Raid instances.

* Fixed a bug in the GRSS that was opening the "Chat" pane instead of the "Raid" pane of the Social window when the snapshots were triggering screenshots.

* In the GRSS Added a filter for the legendary items retrieved before the Kael'thalas fight, and fixed the Nightbane snapshot bug.

* Fixed a display bug in the "WorldofWarcraft.com" Template.

* Deployed Drop-In Templates which allow you to quickly make your site look like it was professionally designed with just a button click.
* Added the ability to edit the "Favorite" button on the forum
* Added the ability to edit your site's CSS without having to use the Advanced Layout Options.
* Fixed a number of bugs.

* Added an "Image Verification" section to the online application to curb spam application posts.

* Hardware upgrade

* Made a few security enhancements
* Added the WoW 25-man Raid Destinations to the Auto-configuration of Destinations
* Added "Unread Threads" to the "classic View" on the Forums
* Re-implemented time zones and user-defined time zones.
* If you get logged out while posting to the forum, you'll now be prompted for your username and password (and your post isn't lost).
* Added the ability to move all the pictures in a gallery to another gallery
* Added the ability to Prune the forums
* Added the ability for non-WoW players to manually edit their inventory

* Fixed a bug in Recurring Events that didn't like Events with the security set to "Everyone"
* Added Classic View to the Forum (mimicking the classic multi-forum approach)
* Made various improvements to Blogs, including the ability to subscribe to someone's Blog.
* Fixed the Multi-person bug on the Professions List page affecting various guilds.
* Added the Ability to Clear the "Raid Availability" page.
* Added Character information to the "Create an Account" page, and tied that information in with an accepted application.
* Added the ability to prevent users from editing and deleting their own posts.

* Added Recurring Events

* Added a phpBB Importer for anyone wanting to smoothly migrate to the Thread Tags system.

* The GuildRaidSnapShot mod has been modified to support EPGP and periodic (hourly and other) snapshots.

* The EQ2 DKP Log file importer will now load in Fabled and Legendary loot, as well as differentiate multiple instances of /whoraid in a single logfile.

* An importer for SuicideKings has been added.

* Revamped the Menu System completely for a much more user-friendly experience as well as more control over your content and ordering
* Guides can now be created without putting them on the menu, allowing for "Nested Guides"
* The Calendar now displays the current month and the next month
* Administrators can now edit news posts from link on the news page for quick editing
* Polling on Applications can now be disabled
* Fixed a bug in the "Import Roster from Armory" function
* On the forum, when an Administrator clicks "Edit" on someone else's post, it now prompts for confirmation.

* Application threads now create Polls associated with them.
* News posts now have commenting built into them, which uses the forums, yet is still available for those who haven't bought the forum packages (similarly to applications).
* The GroupCalendar importer has been modified to properly account for Daylight Saving Time.
* The GroupCalendar importer will now associate events with an Event Category, or create a new Event Category if necessary.
* Event Categories can now be deleted
* Loot and Bosses for all the Outland zones has been added (Excluding Black Temple and Mount Hyjal as these are not yet live)
* The GuildBank mod will now capture Arena Information and more pvp information
* The GuildRaidSnapShot mod has been modified for the Karazhan Wizard of Oz event to only snapshot when the Crone dies, rather than all the bosses.
* The GuildRaidSnapShot mod has been modified so Badge of JusticeRefresh This Item will no longer trigger the item received popup.
* All bosses have been added to the GuildRaidSnapShot mod, and the mod is code-ready for the 2.1 patch.

* The EQ2 and EQ item linking capabilities has been fixed since Allakhazam's acquisition of OGaming.com (EQ2: Draconic DeflectorRefresh This Item, EQ: RibcrackerRefresh This Item)
* Added a slight automatic variation in the location fields for the Guild Google Map. This means that people with exactly the same address or city will all be visible, not just the last one to register.

* Fixed a few bugs in the new Role-based signup process.
* Tweaked the Thread Tags display to use clicks for categories rather than hover-overs.
* Added "Uploaded By" on the Gallery

* Added the ability to create raid signups based on Role, rather than on Class. All roles can be customized (and indeed must be).
* Modified the hover-over for the Raid information to include whether or not you are signed up for the event
* Added the "Raid Availability" section, which allows members to specify when they are available to raid, as well as a reporting page that appears under the Resources Menu.
* By popular request, the ability to remove the "Next Event" box has been added.

* Fixed a bug in the Pre-made color schemes that was preventing people with "layout" privileges from changing the color scheme.
* Modified the security of the Recruiting Status menu to allow those with "schedule" access to modify that.
* Added some warning messages to the Thread Tags administrative page which alerts the user of an inefficient Thread Tags configuration.

* Added EU Support to DKPSigs.com

* Fixed a bug in the GroupCalendar importer that was preventing select guilds from importing their events.

* Added Armory Auto-character profiles
* Added Roster Armory importer

* Fixed Vanguard's Item linking to accommodate changes made to Curse-Gaming.com's Vanguard pages.
* Updated Vanguard's Tradeskills to properly include all the correct tradeskills and specializations by default. Also set the appropriate Tradeskill level cap.

* Added WoW PvP Tokens to the PvP section of the Character Profile (such as Warsong Gulch Mark of HonorRefresh This Item and Halaa Battle TokenRefresh This Item)

* Modified the Item Links to begin using Wowhead.com rather than Thottbot.com. (example: Staff of Infinite MysteriesRefresh This Item)

* Added the support to import Events and Signups from the Group Calendar mod.
* Added the ability to disable raid signups (a requirement for those using the Group Calendar mod importer)
* Tweaked the event signups page that if there are no DKP events associated with a particular past event, then it defaults to show who signed up, rather than to show who attended.

* Added support for the EPGP Point System.
* Added the ability to create your own custom DKP Fields on the current standings based on user-entered formula.

* The GuildBank mod now has an auto-uploader with it called the "GuildBankUploader" (clever name, eh?) Read all about it.
* Added Vanguard Item Links (Fire Shortbow of the Sniper)

* Server Status added for WoW (about time, eh?)
* "Change Log" has been renamed to the list "techy" term "Recent Changes"

* Guild Google Map implemented

* Added "Other Characters" and "Owning Account" information to the Character Profile
* Added the ability to hide items from the DKP System.
* Added Karazhan loot to be initialized (WoW)
* Added a filter to the item list on DKP (to choose by zone).
* Added a filter to the Raid attendance page which filters out retired players unless they were in the raid.

* Added quantity to the Request for Item (RFI)

* Added Outland world bosses and Karazhan to the list of WoW zones that can be initialized (only destinations so far, no loot)

* Added the ability to quickly reset your site to close to "Factory settings" (but not quite...it maintains your layout, menus, logo and other aesthetic stuff).

* Version 0.42 released of the GuildBank mod, fixing the crash bug.
* Added the ability to edit your Guild's Server or Realm after it's been created (Admin > Server/Realm)
* Added groupings to the Guild Bank, which now displays items by Level, Class, and Type (ie "Consumable")

* The GuildBank mod has had a overhaul to version 0.4
---Quest Tracking Added
---Faction Tracking Improved
---Basic PvP information Added
---Added Item Classification to the data snapshots (item grouping on the Guild Bank on the site will be added soon)
* A Quest Search has been added, allowing guildies to search other guildies' quest logs to see if they share any
* A Faction search has been added

* Modified the Roster Uploader to auto-create ranks that are missing, albeit not necessarily in the right order.

* Modified the Account Administrative page to show the characters currently associated with the account

* Bugfix for GuildRaidSnapShot

* World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade is released. Contrary to Illidan's beliefs, we are indeed prepared.
* New GuildRaidSnapShot version 0.7. All sorts of new features have been added:
---Waiting List
---Auto-Invite from calendar signups
---Automated item entering from the loot window (for bidding and rolling)
---More "Whisper queries" and improve functionality (like querying more than one player at a time).
---An auto-downloader for OSX.
---Ability to filter the main DKP list by Class and Raid contents

---Ability to spam chat with the standings
---Ability to change if you want to roll 1-100 or 1-1000.
---A slew of bugfixes

* There is now a new screen after uploading your roster to help synchronize website ranks with the newly updated character ranks.

* Added a "Current Splash Page" link to the Splash screen administrative interface.

* The Edit Login page now allows you to modify the user's phone number, email address, password, avatar, and sig
* The Login list on the Website Accounts page now allows you to filter your choices by the first letter of the account name, and to sort by the last access time.

* There is now a "Style Edit Bar" and Preview button to help with editing of the Static Menu Items and Guides

* "About Thread Tags" has been renamed to "About Our Forums" and is a much more complete guide to the philosophy that went into developing the forums.

* On the popup for the calendar events raid summary, an option for "Attended from Start to Finish" now appears in the drop down, above the list of raids that are associated with that event.
* IP Addresses are now being tracked for submitted Applications

* On the "Custom Menus" editing page, the Tab key will now insert a tab, rather than moving to the next button.

* Hardware Upgrade Completed
* Added ability to sort the forums on Views, Replies, Author, and Last Poster, in addition to the standard "Last Post Time"
* Took the Statistics calculations off a timer for those which can effectively be calculated at the moment
* Added Keys, Attunements, and Completed Quests Search Engine
* Make Tags on the forums always show
* Added the option to make Favorite Threads show as personal stickies
* "No Shows" are now calculated by account, rather than just on character. For example, if Joe Blow has two characters, "DruidX" and "MageY", signs up to raid with "DruidX", but attends with "MageY", "DruidX" will no longer appear as a no-show on the raid summary from the calendar.
* Static menu items that are frames now have configurable sizes.
* Added NSFW and Spoiler tags to the list of supported BBCode tags.
* The GRSS uploader is now a little smarter and will remember alts more intelligently
* The GRSS uploader also now will properly display the raids in correct chronological order
* The GRSS Uploader's uploads are now collapsable

* Added ability to make class records "clickable" or not on the Recruiting Status page.
* Added a quick edit for Recruiting Status.

* Updated GuildBank and GuildRaidSnapShot mods for the WoW 2.0 Patch.

* Adding Post Text Color to the Rank-based post color settings.
* Added Recruitment Status Box

* Added "Show Players who signed up (sorted by time)" to the Event Details
* Added a print link to the Event Details
* Added "Percentage of Current" button to the Item Received page, which allows players to record the cost of an item based on the current DKP of that player.

* Added Mass Raid Copier From One DKP System to another

* Added Rank to Raid Analysis
* Added "Blog Posts" menu item to the "Resources" Menu.

* Reworked the Chat code to act more smoothly
* Fixed bugs in the DKP current standings page.

* Added the ability to disable smilies both in posts, and at the account level.
* Updated the "Member selector" that's used in making Private Posts and Private Thread Tags.

* Added an Editing box (containing Bold, Italics, Underline, Quote, etc) to the Posting window.
* Added Smilies

* Reorganized the Thread View on the forums to improve both it's aesthetic appeal and it's ease of use.
* Added Signup Times to the Raid Signup process.
* Added "A-Team" which allows designated members to be auto-approved when they are signing up for events (only works when Signup approval is required)
* Added Raid Progression menu option

* Added Mass DKP Adjustments Interface

* Fixed the "Recording Item" bug in the GRSS mod.
* Fixed the GuildBank mod to not issue a complete inventory assessment whenever the bag contents change.

* Added ability to set start and end times for which members are allowed to sign up for events.
* Added ability to give rank-based posting, moderation, and viewing permissions to thread tags.

* Added BBCode Tables and Lists
* Your chosen Thread Tag filters will be remembered when you log off, stored with your website account, so the preferences will be remembered even if you go to another computer.
* Added a "Preview" button to the Thread Posts

* Added the ability to modify the background color of posts made by various ranked members. This allows you to give, for example, officer posts a more noticeable color.

* Added a nice little counter of the number of members in Chat, and a hoverover, listing the members in chat on the "Live Chat" menu option.
* Fixed the Calendar Safari Bug

* Added the ability to request items directly from the GuildBank, using the RFI (Request for Item) Interface.
* Added the capability to ban IP addresses from each guild's site.
* Revamped the Advanced Layout Options, adding the capability to generate the layout file of your site from the current layout, and a full archive of all layout and menu files uploaded.

* Added Blogs to the Account Profiles
* Added Default Private and Public Thread Tags
* Added the ability to Sticky News posts, and you limit news post access to specific ranks.

* Added viewable account profiles. This allows normal people to see some public info on the different members: Number of posts, threads, see all posts by this account, characters, etc.

* Added a shoutbox
* Made the DKP Attendances on the individual member profile pages separated by DKP System
* Added the capability to implement a DKP Cap

* Minor release of the GRSS, adding yesloot and noloot options. Also added filters so the "points spent popup" doesn't pop up for Cores, Shards, and Nexus Crystals.

* Added the ability to customize the layout of your Current Standings Page.

* Added a little "Locked" icon next to locked threads
* Deployed a brand new Admin Menu
* Added an EQ Log File DKP Uploader
* Added an EQ2 Log File DKP Uploader
* Removed the "Misc Settings" page by putting the last remaining item called "Site Name" into it's own page.

* Added [item] links for EQ using the database from eq.OGaming.com
* Added the ability for members to specify which of their characters is their main.

* Added the ability to edit account ranks from the member edit page and vice versa.
* Added [item] links for EQ2 using the database from eq2.OGaming.com

* Added the In-Game DKP interface to the GRSS Mod

* Added point redistribution to the GRSS Snapshot importer

* Added support for EverQuest (about time, right?!?!)

* Added Quick Edit Items
* Added Quick Edit Destinations
* Added ability to Redistribute DKP Earned on the Raid Edit page (not yet on the GRSS Import)
* Added the "Last Items Received" on the menu.

* Added customized message capabilities to the Application Acceptance/Rejection process.
* Added customizable status colors for the raid signups

* Added "By User" to the news items.

* Launched a major upgrade for the forum system Adding the following:
---Advanced Filters, allowing you to manually select if you wish to use Radio button or Checkboxes for filtering the Thread Tags.
---User-Defined Private thread Tags, allowing subgroups of your guild to create a thread tag just for themselves, meaning they won't need to create a new private thread every time they wanted to mke a thread.
---Added "Community Edited Posts" with the [commedit][/commedit] tags. This allows you to make a post which others can edit (you give the security to who you want to be able to edit it).
---Added new private threads to the alert system.

* Modifications and bugfixes to the new GuildBank Mod
* Reworked the CT_RaidTracker Importer
* Deployed a new Frequently Asked Questions which will provide a much more scalable help section.
* Added Sticky Priority

* Added pre-initialized loot from the major WoW zones.

* The GuildRaidSnapShot (GRSS) mod has had a number of improvements: Fixed the Domo bug, added Zone to the Raid snap shots, made the "Guild Roster" a passive capturing system (this means you don't rely on the /grss guild command anymore).

* GuildBank mod has been modified to be a full-on profiler including the following: Talents, Professions, and Reputations. It's also improved the support for the updating of the gags and such without having to visit the bank (as much needed improvement)

* Massive hardware upgrade

* Added the "Item Link Guide" to "Articles"

* Added the "Destroy Thread" button to threads for the Forum Moderators.

* Added a filter to the Calendars, allowing users to choose to show only event categories they are interested in.
* Added ability to hide signatures and avatars on the forums
* Added /color command to the chat

* Added Support for Inline Frame Links on the Dynamic Menu Items
* Added ability to view previous guide versions, and revert to previous versions.

* Added /invite command to the chat functionality
* Optimized the Guild Signup process

* Added the ability to transfer the Highest rank powers to another member
* Added individualized security to Guides, allowing each guide to have it's own set of security rules (which ranks have access to edit the guide, and which ranks have access to view the guides). This is found in the "Guides" section of your site's Admin interface.

* The Raid and Event Signup process has been revamped, providing for significantly more flexibility in raid signups.

* Added ability to shift ranks quickly and easily (also allowing rank insertion through this process).

* Added the ability to associated loot and raids with Calendar Events, thus providing a union of all that data into a single "Event" which can then allow users to view a summary of the Event, complete with Items received, Bosses killed, members in attendance, members who signed up, and of course members who signed up but never showed.
* Additionally, to accommodate the change to Raids and Events, a "Smart Raid Associator" was created to retroactively fit Loot and Raids into Events.

* Added the ability to put users on ignore, allowing you to ignore their posts.

* Added Loot tracking to GRSS
* Modified the Forum to use an "Action" drop down
* Tweaked the Newsletter sending code to be more efficient and reliable
* Added the ability to "View only new threads" on the forum.
* Added Raid and Event Colors, and Event Categories

* The Guild Roster Uploader was added for WoW

* Enhanced the YouTube and Google Video embedding support
* Added a "BBCode Guide" to the relevant pages

* Added an Importer for Guild notes for using DKP with the EternalDKP Mod.

* The applications process has had a significant overhaul, adding the ability to notify the applicants that their application has been accepted/rejected, as well as adding alerts for new applications and some additional sorting mechanisms.
* Added more advanced filters to the Roster

* Added ability to change your dkpsystem.com subdomain

* Added support for Vanguard: Saga of Heroes and Warhammer Online

* Added Uploader for CT_RaidAssist
* Added ability to change your domain name in the interface (so you don't have to contact us anymore to do this)

* Added IM client links (AIM, ICQ, etc) and a PM link.

* Added Support for Google Video and YouTube.
* Added ability to modify your guild's meta tags

* Added ability to re-upload past snapshots.

* Added support for "Short Answers" on Applications
* Fixed a bug that prevented posts made by deleted accounts from being deleted
* Added the ability to Delete a DKP System for the clients.
* Added ability to merge characters

* Added the article "Building your DKP System" which is a step by step guide to setting up a loot system on DKPSystem.com.

* Added the article "Planning your Loot System"

* Added Teamspeak Server support
* Added Support for FFXI and Guild Wars

* Added ability to show "Next 5 Events" in the "Next Event" box for those guilds who have LOTS going on at the same time.

* Reworked the profession system, and added Profession Searching

* Added ability to move Menus to the right

* Modifed the Guild Bank interface.

* Added Guild field to Characters (for guild alliances using the site for DKP)
* Added ability to make sure only certain minimum ranked players appear on the Roster
* Added Flexible Menus (containing whatever HTML you want)
* Added Ventrilo Status script capabilities for hosts that don't give out vent status
* Added ability to approve/deny raid signup requests
* Added optimizations to the Forum Search

* Added "Day of Week" to Raid Analysis Reporting

* Added Thread Tag Categories
* Added DKP Adjustment capabilities

* Added Priority Loot functionality
* Made GRSS capable of reading Party information as well as Raid information. Added auto-screenshot to the snapshot process as well as insurance against crashes.

* Added "New Thread" flags to the site.

* Added a security setting to only allow people with the guild-designated privledges to access chat.
* Added ability to require officer authorization for newly created accounts

* Added WoWHead ( http://www.wowhead.com ) Talent Calculator
* Added Keys, Attunements, and Completed Quests indicators on Characters

* Hardware Upgrade
* Added ability for accounts to request to be associated with a accounts, as well as the approval process
* Added a "First time user" message informing people how to create characters.
* Added "representing guild" to the DKPSystem.com forums (only affects DKPSystem.com)

* Added Sorting to the Administrative Interfaces for Accounts and Members
* Added Descriptions to Recorded DKP Raids

* Added Multiple DKP systems on one account
* Deployed New Administrative Interface
* Added Picture Galleries
* Added Splash Screen Support
* Added Advanced Raid Analysis Reporting

* Added Chatrooms

* Added Pre-made color schemes

* Added ability for members to create their own characters
* Added ability for website members to request a change in their rank

* Added capability to fully customize websites with HTML and CSS level access.