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Dosn't Show DKP standings when "clicked"

Dosn't Show DKP standings when "clicked"
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Maybe some one can help us out our new “admin” wanted to make a new DKP system for Wotlk (the idea was for a new clean DKP list)

But what we have is when you click on DKP Standings it shows nothing but we can still go to adjustment to view DKP when in Admin Screen?

After we make adjustments they can’t be seen (only when you go to Mass Adjustments) or are not linking I have spent days going threw everything but have no clue what he did so I have to keep manually entering all DKP


Adalmar GM/Admin (after this think its best we only have 1 Admin)
THANKS you guys rock
Heh. You beat me to the response. Yeah, I moved some of your menus around so it should be working alright.

It's all in the reflexes.

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