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HTTPS, Search, Mass Actions

HTTPS, Search, Mass Actions
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Couple of questions/issues with the new forums:

1) Creating a new post opens up a mixed security page (some HTTP, some HTTPS). Why?

2) When I click Search and enter some text, I should immediately be able to hit the enter key to execute the search. Instead I have to click the Search button. Annoying.

3) There's no "select all" for Mass Actions. If I want to apply a Mass Action (such as Mark Read) I need to manually select everything. That's super annoying. Follow on question: if you do have a "Select All" capability, will it really select everything or will it just select everything on the current page? I'd expect it to select across pages so I can easily mark all threads as read; having to perform multiple actions to mark threads as read makes me want to throw up my hands and say "f*ck it, this is too much work". Silly, but true: forum software needs to be easy to use and not get in the way thus the need for one-click "mark all read".
And where's the ability to get email notifications when a thread receives a reply? That seems to have dropped off during the upgrade.

(I did just notice the ability to quote multiple posts in a single reply though -- that's cool!)
All good ideas. The email notification thinger was actually removed a LONG time ago (several months). Instead, just mark a thread as a favorite, and you'll get notifications for it.

It's all in the reflexes.

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