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wowjutsu ranking, plz help

wowjutsu ranking, plz help
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hello everyone

Love the upgrades on forum! GZ!!!

I have a question though...
I want to make a new box in my guild's site and put there my guild's rank from wowjutsu. What do I have to do? I can't find a way of putting new boxes

Tried to search here for previous posts about this but couldn't find any help.

Any help will be much appreciated! )
I think to do this you would:

Go to Admin > Menu Administration > Add New Menu, on the next screen > Edit Custom Menu, you can type WoWjutsu ranking or whatever u wanna call it in the Category box. And you would paste the HTML code from WoWjutsu's site in the box below where it says (HTML Body).

Hope this helps
damn, it was so easy afterall!

cheers m8

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