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Warhammer Layout Question

Warhammer Layout Question
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Ok so I volunteered to help out my guild by tweaking our site layout since we are moving to warhammer from AOC. I am not a major genius when it comes to css but I can usually figure things out by simple trial and error.

Anyways I decided to use the Warhammer template that was provided and then adjust the layout from there. Now since we will be going to the Order side in warhammer I obviously needed to make some major changes to the overall look of the provided Warhammer template and css. I have managed to get everything the way I wanted it to look. However the only thing that is left that I want to change are the pictures that are randomly generated on the Banner portion of the site each time to refresh the page. But I can't seem to figure out how to go about changing them.

First question is it even possible to change them?

Second question how do I go about replacing the provided pictures with some that I have created my self? LOL it would be rather silly for me to keep an obvious chaos template when we are going order.

Also this is just a suggestion and I am sure you have several new layouts coming in the near future. Please make sure to have not just 1 side of warhammer. There needs to be both chaos and order templates.
Indeed you can change the graphics that cycle, but you'll need to use the Advanced Layout Options. Head to Admin > Layout > Advanced Layout Options, and download the current layout. At the bottom, you'll see some commented javascript describing the rotation.

Would you mind linking me to your site? I'd like to see your progress.

Oh yeah, and the coming template will be Order themed, indeed.

It's all in the reflexes.
Woot that worked perfect.

Here is the link to the site. But now I am having difficulties on the banner. Not sure how to align it more towards the right side

In the CSS, look for this rule:
	position: absolute;
	left: 18%;
	top: 12%;
	/*height: 63px;
	width: 572px;*/
	z-index: 25;

You'll want to change the left: 18% to something else. For example, 50% pushes it pretty far to the right. tt'll just take some experimenting.

It's all in the reflexes.
omg yay thank you so much

I only have 1 last question. Oh and by the way I tweeked it again at least the borders and other images lol.

Anyways I want to add the statistics like last post , event scheduled or the small calendar but I am not sure not only how but also where to put it so it doesn't mess up the overall look of the site.
never mind the previous question I have managed to take a little snippet from the blood elf layout and insert it into the warhammer layout then modify the whole thing to fit in with my personal theme. But thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions couldn't have done it without ya.

And I have finally finished the entire layout just need to make a new logo. But please feel free to take a look at the finished product.


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