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testing decay

testing decay
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Hey Chops, we want to play around with decay without affecting our current dkp system. I created a new system and copied our raids over to it. Would it be possible to copy our recieved items over to it as well?

Thank you!
Sure, I can make this happen.

It's all in the reflexes.
Schweet! Thank you sir.
Hey Chops, sorry to bug you about this again. I guess it would of helpfull to include the names of the dkp systems.

The live system we use is called Gravestones: http://sanctuary.dkpsystem.com/dkpmember.php?dkpsystemid=2

The test system I created is called DKP Test: http://sanctuary.dkpsystem.com/dkpmember.php?dkpsystemid=5

I mass copied all of the raids over, just need a little help with copying the received items

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