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Forums -- Stickys?

Forums -- Stickys?
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I see how to post a sticky, and it works just fine... But one thing is really irking me.. When I sticky a post it shows up under "all" as a sticky, is there anyway for this not to happen? I want only Gen stickys to show in all.

To put the question into my problem.. my website is Leviathankultiras.com. I have forums available for each class and each class leader wants to sticky several posts for their class information. If they do this then we end up with 20 posts showing up at the top of "all" and if we dont their posts get spammed off. Just wondering if there was a general way to block all stickys from showing on the main page except form certain areas or something along these lines.

The thing to do for this, is to instruct your members to off-click the thread tags for their unrelated class. This will, at the very least, hide the threads for stickies that are not relevant to them.

It's all in the reflexes.

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