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Access to Loot system functions

Access to Loot system functions
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I'm an officer in my guild responsible for setting up DKP now that we have our new web site functioning.

The Guild Leader has given officers access to Loot Systems, but for some reason I cannot edit the default loot system or create a new one.

Is this a function restricted to just guild leaders or does something more need to be set up?

Yeah, being able to edit/delete/create new loot systems is something reserved for the top rank or anyone with the option "Full Administrative Privileges" enabled on their account.

As a loot system admin, you can still upload/create/edit raids, loot, and whatnot. But the major things like tweaking decay and editing loot systems is reserved for the top rank.

It's all in the reflexes.
Ok, Thanks.

I'll try to sweet talk my GM into giving me full admin privileges... or he can tinker with the DKP. His call

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