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Possible ideas for last-loot based tracking

Possible ideas for last-loot based tracking
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Let me start by saying that your loot tracking is by far the best I've seen for community based loot distribution. We have different raid leaders depending on the night and when one isn't on, it's nice to have their uploaded data.

I'd like to suggest a couple changes for the loot system.

1. Purging of old data. Is there any way to mass-purge based on dates, vs selecting each individual item to remove? The system maintains everything we have looted for over 6 months, and I really would only need the past 2 months or so. This would be a feature on the website side of the equation (of course). Perhaps in the admin menu.

2. In-game loot tracking sort option. This should be fairly simply. When a !items is issued, sort the output by date. The reason for this is to simply speed up loot distribution when there is a lot of data for various users. Currently, I spend a lot of time sifting through the output due to both item #1 above and the fact that loot shows up anywhere in the list, not chronologically.

3. The Wish list... using whispers is nice and all. It would be really nice to see a window for last looted items. This is probably a lot more involved than #2 above, but is a nice wish list for future development. Maybe the possibility of sortable tabs to sort by character, date, or item? Not quite sure what would work best there, but basically pulling the web data into the game and presenting it in a more manageable fashion.

Here's where I am coming from. Our loot system is fairly basic. We distribute based on last 3 items looted. If 2 people link for an item, we look at their last 3 item dates. The oldest of the 3 dates wins. It's fairly basic but gets the job done. I am simply looking to find a better way to get that data to our "looter of the night" in order to speed loot distribution.

Thanks for the great work so far!

Thanks. I'll take your suggestions into consideration

There is not currently a way to mass-purge based on dates. The closest you can get to that is to use decay to make old items decay to zero, then they are worth nothing.

It's all in the reflexes.

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