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Recently a new "member" has shown up in the Members area of our applications (the people authorized to view the thread). It is showing up as Application.

This isn't a "User" on our site, and not sure why it is appearing in the list.

Chops you got any answer for this? =)
Any word? My primary concern is that applicants not be able to read the threads, so I am having to remove applicant from the list on every one since I don't know why it is there...

Any info would be a help
I'm sorry, I misread it a couple times, and thought that it was the same issue you had email me about. The account "Application" is a built-in hidden account. It cannot be logged in to, but is the name of the account that generates the application threads. There's no need to remove it from the list.

It's all in the reflexes.

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