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Forum table overflow

Forum table overflow
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I would like to limit the width of posts in our forum, so that images don't break the center column. I have tried changing all of the elements in my current thread.html, but none of them seem to work. Any ideas?
Also, I am running into a problem with the full quote reply button. When I use it the quote is not showing. I have a feeling I pooched it somehow. Any ideas on that? Simple quote works but not full quote.
That gets to be a bit of a finicky one. I've had trouble preventing that as well, and while I get it to work fine in most browsers, it doesn't work in every browser.

But the trick is to use CSS with overflow:auto on each post.

If you want, you can try to use the layout I've tweaked for my own guild's site: http://www.poopinashoe.com/settings/pias/forumlayout/1/thread.html

The quote issue was a bug on my side. I tweaked something yesterday, and it broke the quoting. It's fixed now.

It's all in the reflexes.
Yeah, I can't get it to stay inside the lines. Oh well, they'll just have to live with it. I get around it by posting sizes with the images I post, but then again that's why I am redoing the site

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