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Advanced formatting using system commands

Advanced formatting using system commands
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Hey Chops, I have a questions about formatting. I am redoing our guild site and I wanted to break apart the news area. I want to post the first news, then a section for recruiting and then the rest of the news posts.

So, I figured out that the command
<!--News:StartNewsSection:5--> lists the first 5 news for the page. I can write
<!--News:StartNewsSection:1--> and just have it do the first one. Is there a way to continue from 2 and go to 5?

Also, is there a way I can reformat the recruiting area to be horizontal or use images?

Also, I would like to reformat the account section and have it be in the top bar similar to how it is done on EJ. So, I can probably figure out how to place that in the top bar, but I would like to limit what is shown. Like only have account and login shown.

Thanks for your help.
This IS doable, but it's going to require a bit of heavier hacking. It's going to require moving some objects around in jquery.

I'll need a little time to spec something like this up. I should ask, how comfortable are you with HTML and javascript/jquery?

It's all in the reflexes.
Super comfortable with both HTML and JavaScript and have been looking for some projects to do with JQuery, seeing as how that is the buzz right now and all.

Another thing I was thinking of doing was streamlining our app process. I would like to have the link in the recruitment panel automatically start a new thread in the forums. That seems like it would be more intense, but is confusing for applicants to have to register for the site, answer the questions in the link from the recruitment panel and then fill out a thread. That's also one of the reasons I wanted to limit the account information on the login.

I like the way the site works for the most part and I found the list of commands available, I am just wondering how much more is available to me.

Here is a site with a recruitment panel that is similar to what I want to do. Forlorn Legacy, I also stole their background as a placeholder until I can get another image made. I really like their site and want to go for something minimal and intuitive as well.

Thanks for your reply, I am stoked to get my hands dirty in here. I have to hurry as this site is a test for our real site.

Thanks again.
Ok, as my time has run out for my test site I have ported over what I have so far to our site. I still would like to get deeper into it. Thanks for your help.

Also, how can I get into the specific menus? For instance I would like to remove the apply button on recruitment and change the background color of the recent items in the DKP.
Sorry for not getting back to you sooner on this. The trick to this is going to be wrapping the parts you want to move to that point after the first news post in some kind of div that you can identify with jquery.

Something like wrap the parts you want to move with:

<div id="movethistofirstnews">

Then, inside the news post, add an empty div:

<div id="wheretomove"></div>

Of course, this will mean that it'll display that div in each news post, but jquery can sort it all out for you.

Finally, at the bottom, you can add a script like this:

<script type="text/javascript">

function move_news() {



That will effectively move the div with id "movethistofirstnews" into the first occurrance of the div "wheretomove"

The "jq_preload" function will execute when the jquery stuff is loaded, and when the dom is finally loaded.

Let me know if that helps and if you need any further help.

It's all in the reflexes.
Killer, that makes sense. Any chance I can break apart the recruitment to use different images? I would like to be able to use pictures of the classes with the words high, low, etc below them, or alternately different alphas for the priority.

Also, the recruitment application button has to go in that menu. I have an application menu button added to the top that takes me the correct thread.

Thanks for getting back to me man. I am starting to really like our new look.
For that, you'll just have to do it it raw HTML, rather than using the built-in Application system. A bit more work, but certainly more flexible.

You can add the customization in Admin > Layout > Menu Administration, then click "Add New Menu", and from there, you can put HTML into the body of a menu.

You can then just make a link to app.php in your custom thing.

It's all in the reflexes.
Yeah, I figured I would have to do that. I can get into it in the future. Thanks again for the news positioning.

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