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Menu Help Part II

Menu Help Part II
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Im not exactly sure what to change.. My problem is text in menu's are overwriting the edge of the menus. Ive experimented making larger menus and it still rides the edges.

Also there is some text I have no idea where to change the size.. I think its part of another menu? Its the last items received and the applications menu. I really want to make the text smaller and having issues finding anything in the css that affects them.
You'll want to look into the padding-left and padding-right properties.

Right now, on your menus those properties are being set inline in the elements (in the menupage), but you can override it in your CSS with

.MenuChoice {
padding-left:9px !important;
padding-right:9px !important;

If you take the inline styling out of the menupage.html, then you can take the "!important" out of the above recommendations.

For the Last Items received, set the font with the .itemreceivedlink class, and for the recruiting section, use table.recruiting *

table.recruiting * {

.itemreceivedlink {

Naturally, the 7pt can be set to whatever you want it to be.

It's all in the reflexes.
# padding-left:9px !important;
# padding-right:9px !important;

Awesome stuff... now to work on graphics for the menus

Thanks Chops

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