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What's being worked on right now!

What's being worked on right now!
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There are a handful of changes in the works right now. Some of them were announced in the newsletter a few weeks ago, but we've got a few more things that're being worked on than were announced then.

So here's the brief list of the upcoming functionality:
* Bugfixes for the calendar importers
* Importers from aiononline.com (similar to the wowarmory.com importers)
* Importers from lotro.com (similar to the wowarmory.com importers)
* Forum improvements: Increased and improved notifications, a redesigned (simplified) control box, improved Private Thread functionality, overall UI improvements
* A completely redesigned character profile improving the UI and adding new functionality (picture galleries, etc).
* Site-wide UI simplifications for single-guild sites.

If you've got any further suggestions, please post them here.

It's all in the reflexes.
OI chops - we spoke about the video gallery some time ago.

Is this listed for a "soonish" implementation?
Yeah, the video thing is still on the list to be done.

It's all in the reflexes.
If you need anyone to help test, let me know

Followers of Nobility
Aion Roster importer is deployed!

It's all in the reflexes.
I just wanted to let you all know that these are still in the works. I'm planning on releasing at the very least a video of the forum updates in the works so you can see and critique the changes.

It's all in the reflexes.
Here's a quick preview video of the forum changes that I've been working on. This is only the main forum thread list view (does not include the thread view itself or classic mode).

Worth noting: Notice that the top is much smaller. No longer is the control box huge, taking up a lot of screen real estate. Instead, controls were moved to drop down boxes. Switching between Simple Filter, Advanced Filter, and Classic mode is now a drop down box. The filters themselves are all drop down boxes instead of taking up tons of space. All filters have been moved to the one control box.

Additionally, all page loads on that screen (switching filters, clicking a deeper page, etc), involve asynchronous calls, rather than relying on a complete page load.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Complaints?

Download Link

It's all in the reflexes.
Looks nice Chops
Here's a new video of the Thread view. In it you'll see the updated "Control Section, including an actions drop down box.

Download Link

Bear in mind this is still a work in progress.

It's all in the reflexes.
I know forums are a touchy subject as you have put in tons of work and time. The forums as they are are functional but lack ease of use and cosmetics.

My suggestion would be is either

Follow the World of Warcraft style forums
emulate the Phbb

If Im looking at the video correctly Im seeing the pages for the threads of the posts as 1,2,3,4 etc and thats the wow forum way. I really like that. I guess the other major part is not to do the multi topics which I believe is a toggle.

One HUGE thing I would like to see regardless of how you do the forums is give us the option to just change the colors and background in the forums. As it stands when you change colors in headers, text or anything on the forums it changes the news settings, Ive seen it change things in other funky places too. It really needs to be independent.
Small suggestion:

For ease of uploading DKP and marking down what items have been received when uploading DKP, would you be able to put a "select all/de-select all" box up top?

This way, if guilds complete say 2 or 3 instances or bosses from various instances in one run, and have to enter in their details for each DKP system they have (ie, they kill onyxia, 4 bosses from ICC and a few bosses from ulduar) it would make it much quicker so they don't have to go through each time they enter in new info and cancel out all the drops from each instance.

I hope this makes sense, i'll try to explain how we run and see if you know what i mean lol, and i'll use our last night's run as an example.

Last night we did normal ToC, a quick Ony, and then killed General on our way to Yogg+1 attempts. Loot dropped in each instance obviously and people received them. When i enter in this information, i have to do it three times so that the right points are entered into the right DKP system for each instance and the loot is matched up accordingly.

Because the loot that drops is all in the one listing however, i have to include and tick the loot box every time, but then when i'm entering them specifically, i have to cancel all the loot from the prior run out one by one.

Because we had loot drop in ToC, even after i'd entered this through, i still had to systematically go through and un-click all ToC loot one by one when i was entering in the Ony and Ulduar DKP and loot drops.

My suggestion is, can it be made so that there is a select all/de-select all functionality OR is there a way to match loot up to each specific raid instance so that i can click on Ulduar loot for Ulduar boss kills, and Ony loot for Ony boss kill etc?

There actually is a Select All/Deselect All option on the GRSS importer. The checkbox above all the checkboxes at the top will select or deselect all.

Though I understand your problem with respect to importing multiple sections.

What I think would would be ideal would be to tie the zone with the snapshots, thereby allowing you to select something like "WHich Zone's snapshots would you like to import from the GSS File?".

That would make your importing job all kinds of easier, I think.

It's all in the reflexes.
TS3 Server status is ready and deployed to the live site. Please let me know if you have any troubles with it.

It's all in the reflexes.
you have replied to a ticket i put in but wanted to post it here too.
Requesting to be able to add notes to the gear in items received for us Loot Council folk.
On the Character / account management

It would be nice if there was a functionality for users to delete / clean up their own toons..

we get giant threads for just delete this toon requests..

and I personally don't care if you delete them or not.. as I know some want that history.. but I think it would be ideal to at least hide it from the users themselves..

and some sort of ranking / power to unhide/delete the "accidents"

Louis T.

The Spreading Taint - WoW Group Admin
Rough Trade - Assistant Admin
Second to SkorMT's post above...its a bit hard to do some cleanup on the Character Profiles.

I did want to ask, are there any plans to include the 'Real ID' information somewhere within profiles; possibly with an 'admin only' flag that users could set? I predict another Epic Thread on our site listing everyone's new ids.
Yes indeed. I do plan on supporting Real ID.

It's all in the reflexes.
Any idea when there will be a new update? The last entry on recent changes is from April and before that there seems to have been monthly releases. Why no longer monthly?
Summer is usually a slower time for development, and this summer is no exception. While the summer has been mostly maintenance releases (bugfixes and infrastructure preparations for other things), new feature development has been kind of on hold until Summer winds down.

It comes down to while all winter long I'm working like crazy, I get extremely active in Summer (I must take advantage of Wisconsin's horribly short Summers).

But rest assured, there's good stuff on the way

It's all in the reflexes.
Sounds good!


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