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Mobile website for smart phones

Mobile website for smart phones
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Was just wondering if there is any plans for making a mobile version for smart phones? If so what kind of time frame?

I am thinking of using the built in Advanced layout options to make it for my guild, myself, but if one is coming out anytime soon it would save me the work.
It's actually an idea I've kicked around here and there. Something that more or less disables any kind of advanced options.

That said, as mobile browsers get more and more functional, I'm finding less real necessity for it.

At this point, I'm not really sure if it's worth the effort, but if there's a strong enough demand for it, absolutely.

It's all in the reflexes.
That is true most of the mobile browsers are now capable of viewing most web sites. I just had noticed it can be a bit difficult to click on some links. And while zooming in can fix that I found I had to zoom in and out a lot to navigate and then read the posts effectively.

I was thinking of just setting it up to detect the browser and then display a slightly different layout that better accommodates my big thumbs .

Also I found if I use the directional pad, to do a kind of tab through, it activates the mouseover event and that window hides a lot of the screen and you have to unselect by clicking on a blank area, and there is very little of that.

I kind of like how Facebook has their mobile site set up. Just have to think thought how to remove, generally, unnecessary links.

Its all just little things but when trying to get guildies to use the site more I figured we need every edge we can get. As well those of us leading the guild have busy lifestyles and to keep up with things we use a down time, wherever we are at, to check up on things, post, take care of new alerts or even handle a variety of admin changes that have been suggested.

Well I got a few other more pressing things on my plate right now just thought I would suggest it and see if it comes about before I get around to it.
I'd like to see a way to make my site mobile friendly.. The ability to sign up for raids or check your dkp or even pop onto the forums on your mobile phone would be nice..

My cell will not load DKP systems websites.. Just too much going on for the phone.. I do not have a smartphone..

I was reading a tutorital about building a mobile subsite but think its a bit more then Iam ready to try yet lol

Haveing this as an option here would be great.
I'll have to look more into this option. It's definitely too much for a non-smartphone. Heck, it was too much for my Palm Treo, and that is a smartphone. With the proliferation of devices with full-on browsers like the iPhone, Pre, and Android phones, the sites are functional, but still not super friendly for those smartphones.

It's all in the reflexes.
bumping this because the topic was on my mind too.
Bumping this again because we have guildies who do not want use web site calendar to schedule raids because they can use their iPhones to access the in game calendar.

It would be great to have an iPhone/Droid app that accessed our calendar, roster and raid points.

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