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Custom Bullet Img

Custom Bullet Img
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I have tried everything I know (limited) and everything google knows (too much) and still cant find a way to center a custom bullet image to the text in the css. I am at a loss. Any suggestions?
I'm not quite sure what you mean when you say "center a bullet image". Center it on what? Could you post a mockup of what you want to see? I'm admittedly confused.

It's all in the reflexes.
Sorry for not being clear. What I want is the text to be centered on the icon. Right now when I add a bullet image under admin the text is aligned to the bottom of the image. I was hoping I could get it to align to the center of the image.

Trying to use this image:
Text line.

Thats how it looks. I want to center the text on the image.

It's doable, though it requires a bit more than using the list-style properties in CSS:

Here's what i was able to put together that worked reasonably well for me. You'll likely have to tinker with the numbers a bit to get it exactly right for you, but give this a shot:

	background:url(http://dkpfiles.com/theresidual/files/icon_neutral.png) no-repeat left center;

It's all in the reflexes.
That worked wonders, and I was able to play with img size and the padding numbers to make it look perfect(for me). Thank you so much! I have even managed to add some collapsible divs to my little project here. Enjoying teaching myself all this.

Thanks again for you quick help!

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