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grss moding help

grss moding help
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I would like to add or merge the add-on DeKP to guild raid snapshot but I have little to no exp on programming. I have done some moding of other mods through trial and error but this is a bit much. Is this something you can help with or point me in the right direction?
Merging codebases is almost always something that's done when a single codebase is forked, then those forks get merged back into eachother for improved functionality/performance.

The problem here is that DeKP is definitely not a fork of the GRSS so the best thing I can do for you here is ask: what functionality are you looking to have added to the GRSS that DeKP doesn't have?

I can answer questions about the GRSS mod and some about WoW modding in general, but your request in its current form is not trivial at all. That is, it's not something someone can "just do real quick."

If you're looking to get into WoW modding, I strongly recommend picking up the book Programming in Lua, written by the guy that invented the Lua language. I used this book to learn the language, and I still regularly reference this book when I'm working on the mods.

It's all in the reflexes.
what i would like to do is have the dekp popup mod for the guild use but use the grss tracking and data storage as the grss is a much better mod for doing so. the dekp mod has a nice popup window and a buttons for bidding ( greed nead 50% dkp 75% and 100%). i will look in to getting the book. thank you for your time on this mater
my first thought was to change where the dekp mod was looking for its data (look at grss) but it looks like when you do a call for dkp in grss ist taking (earned +ajusted - spent) to get a total dkp. dekp is keeping track of total. so i would have to rewrite how dekp dose a data look up. then i was thinking of adding a start biding button to grss to start the dekp global bid comand. at that point i could use the dekp mod to do the pop ups and biding maby do the math for dkp spent and send data back to grss. will thinking about it i think i could do the point addjust to grss through wisper comands.. kind of clunkey.. but i should work... i understand how the sys is working (i think ) but im geting lost in the tables and look up comands. thanks ill be picking up the book next chance i get

thank you for your time on the mater

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