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Charector missing from Current Standings

Charector missing from Current Standings
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Charector missing from Current Standings
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Creator mdax
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We use the dkp system as a way of tracking attendance and ensure the loot council awards drops fairly.

I have a problem with the display under Current Standings.

Some chars are missing from the Current Standings created page on our home page. The char's name is Glouph and the number of dkp points is available from the module that shows the top 40 chars dkp(bottom right of our page)...but not in the expanded view in the Current Standings page(under Tracking heading on left)..purehavok is also missing, we're concerned others are having problems and we just didn't notice.
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interestingly enough i just uploaded last nights raid, where these two attended and they're showing up.
Is there a filter that hides them if they're not in an uploaded list for 20 days or somthing?

There's a "Show Inactive" or "Show all" link in the upper right corner of the table. By default, it hides anyone without any attendance for 3 weeks I believe (marking them inactive).

It's all in the reflexes.

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