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Applications & Rank Access

Applications & Rank Access
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For several years now I've had my site set up to default Applications to private threads posted to be viewed by my Officer rank.

Within the last few days I noticed someone had gone in and created 3 additional Officer ranks, 1 above the original.

Since then, the applications are not posted to all Officers. Instead they are only posting to me and our GM.

I went through and deleted the additional Officer ranks, set all Officers to the appropriate rank, and reset the thread tags to that rank.

But still, they wont post to more than just me and my GM.

Is there a piece that I have forgotten that I need to go back and fix? Recently, I've had to manually add the other Officers to new applications posted.

Or am I needing to reset the entire Application, Application thread, and rank system to my site?
Also, head to Admin > Characters and Accounts > Applications and Recruitment, then click [Settings] and set the rank accordingly.

Keep in mind that private applications that exist cannot be "resent" (You'll have to manually change the users on the thread by clicking "(change)" at the top where it lists the private members).

But this change to the application settings will take effect for future applications.

Hope that helps.

It's all in the reflexes.
Oh.. wow. Thank you!

I completely looked over that setting.

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