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IE issues with the Calendar

IE issues with the Calendar
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I have been receiving some complaints that users who have signed up on the calendar are finding that their signup is dissappearing, (I would assume they just don't check to see if it actually worked, however I am pretty sure that they are actually hitting the signup button). Most of the users that have had this issue seem to be using IE, and I know the site was optimized for firefox.

If you could offer any insight into this that would be pretty cool.

Very odd. This is actually the first report of this kind, so I don't have an immediate solutions.

Does their signup appear in the "Event Log" for the signup?

It's all in the reflexes.
Good question, I will have to take a look at that next time someone reports it. I am still trying to figure out if it really is a bug of if it is just user error. The reason I bring it up is that I have heard it on occasion (I would say maybe about 9 times over the past say 4-5 months or so), including a real life friend of mine, however not having been behind his shoulder I can't say beyong a doubt that it was not user error.

One possible thing I can think of is that the page takes a bit longer on occasion to send the information and load the updated calendar (with the sign-up) and the user closes the window before the information is sent, or possibly the calendar page refreshes before the information is sent, thus the user closes the page before the information was sent thinking that they signed up.

Personally I use both FF and IE (depending upon which comp I am on) and I have not really had any problems with anything that I have done with either signups or admin tools (however whenever I signup I check the page and make sure that it shows my name before I close the page).

I have also been thinking about changing my theme because I think the current one that I am using seems to make the website feel a little bloated and slow, that also may be a possible culprit.

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