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Decay to 0% of value

Decay to 0% of value
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hi my guild is new to DKP, we have previously just rolled on everything, but 75% into Ulduar we have decided to go to DKP.

Question: I want earned and spendt DKP to decay. After 40 days I want all DKP earned, or spendt on day 1 to disapear on day 41. Now I set the decay floor to 100%, thinking it would decrease by 100%. I know now that this is a mistake. Should I then simply put in 0 to make the decay floor be 0% of the value? or dosen't the system support 0, so it has to be 0.01 or something?
You would want to set the following:

full point length: 40 days
decay floor: 0
decay timeframe: 1 day

This will make the points full for 40 days, then in one day, it'll drop from full to 0.

It's all in the reflexes.

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