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Ret Pally APP

Ret Pally APP
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Primary: [Guild Recruiting]
Secondary: None

Character: Conservator


Realm: Jaedenar

Raid XP: Every raid pre BC. Into Deep sunwell pre Nerf, Eradar Twins. In Wrath, up to Ulduar Hodir.

Professions: Engineering 442, Mining 450

Stats: 3104 AP, 34% crit, 199 hit.

I come prepared to raid, 3/5 Val obtained via pugs, I know the Ulduar fights well and am prepared to prove such. I wont lie, there is a possibility I can't make 5 nights till midnight, but I can manage 3-4 and depending on various goings on in RL even 5. I don't want to promise more than I can give however.

I am well prepared to raid, and willing to work.

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