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Email Notifications of Applications going to everyone

Email Notifications of Applications going to everyone
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Everyone in the guild is getting email notifications of applications since the patch. Even people that don't have the rank to view the applications are getting them. How do I control who gets the notifications of posts to the various threads and especially to applications? Many of them don't want to receive these and I can't find away to stop them for individuals or for ranks.
Its still happening, and no solution or possible solution has been offered. Anyone?
My apologies. I initially looked at your site briefly, but didn't comment, as I didn't notice anything. I'm glad you bumped this though. I looked again, and a bit more closely and something did stand out:

If you head to Admin > Characters and Accounts > Applications and Recruitment, you're minimum rank to view apps is set to "Main", which is lower than the minimum rank to view the "Guild Applications" thread tag. And with your apps being set as private, it's adding those users to the list of accessible threads, even if the thread tag is inaccessible.

If you raise that minimum rank to view (in the application settings directly) to the "Raid Leader" rank, new applications should no longer generate emails to those users of rank "Main".

The safest setting would be to make sure that both the "Guild Application" Thread Tag, and the application itself have the same minimum rank to view.

Sorry again for the delayed response here.

It's all in the reflexes.

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