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Customize visible DKP columns via url

Customize visible DKP columns via url
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Is it possible to customize the current DKP standings by appending some info to the DKP url? &showraidpercent=1 ?

Basically, I want to make a seperate link for officers that includes raid % on the standings page, etc, and do not want this visible on the regular DKP standings page. We use raid% as a tie-breaker for bids. Unfortunately, extra numbers on the DKP page is a bad thing when people are looking at the wrong column.

Also, can we get an option to exclude some raids from the raid% calculation? We give bonus DKP for showing up early, but people who were not there for the bonus DKP are having it subtracted from their raid%.

Date Destination Worth Earned
12/16/2008 Early Bonus last blood - early bonus 2 2
12/16/2008 Target: last blood mob 10 10

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That's kind of an interesting idea.

It's all in the reflexes.

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