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Getting DKP data ingame.

Getting DKP data ingame.
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I am having an issue where after following the instructions to get the data for grss mod nothing is populated in game when I bring up the mod. I followed the instructions and have tried it several times to no avail. It is beginning to cause a lot of issues when it comes time for bidding/updating, heck, just knowledge of where we stand in the standings. Any help would be grateful.
Probably the most common error when running the GetGRSSDKP.exe program is when trying to make a shortcut to the program on the desktop, the user inadvertently copies the program instead. The GetGRSSDKP.exe program must be in the GuildRaidSnapShot folder. Try running it from there to make sure.

What is the address you're entering into the GetGRSSDKP program? I'll see if I can reproduce it as well.

It's all in the reflexes.
i started with


then i tried


I tried what you suggested...still a no go...well at least the lua file is not fully populated. I see a efw names in the data file, but nowhere near what should be there. Also something else I noticed last night was a few lines looked as though they were highlighting but nothing showing up. I also tried using the !dkp command to see if the few names showing up in the data file would show up but it would always say that name did not exist.
Ah-hah! You currently have your DKP System marked as hidden, which is preventing it from being deployed to your lua file. Unhide the DKP System, and it'll show up in your lua file properly.

It's all in the reflexes.
ok...ill check that out. I am an officer in the guild but do not have admin privileges on the site as of yet(I assume you mean hidden on the site). Once I get a hold of the site admin ill have them look into that. Will post back once i get that straight. Thanks
Well so far so good. That seems to have solved the problems but now that the lists are being populated we wont know till a raid if uploading data or anything else is problematic. Any ideas how that could have changed? I am basically just gonna assume that someone hit the box by accident but i suppose you never know.

Thanks Chops

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