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Manual Snap shots no showing up when uploaded

Manual Snap shots no showing up when uploaded
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Manual Snap shots no showing up when uploaded
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Creator Hugatree
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When I upload my grss file it typically includes a few boss kills and one manual snapshot for people that are ontime for start of raid.

For some reason over the last week and a half the ontime snap shot has stopped showing up when i look at the current standing and raid attendance but if i look at the uploaded snap shot history they are there. If i re import them nothing happens.


I have upgraded the urgency of this ticket due to no response, I am still unable to get any manual snapshot to show up in the DKP totals.

I have also compleately removed the GRSS mod and re installed it. I had one of the other officers take a snap shot of the raid useing a much older version of the GRSS mod and email it to me i was able to upload the file just fine.
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