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grss waitlist

grss waitlist
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Just have a few suggestions about the waitlist option with grss. Could we add options to the !waitlist command send from players? Such as !waitlistwho, which would cause me to whisper back all the people currently in the waitlist. Also, it would be nice to have the option to broadcast the waitlist into the chat of choice(like /officer or /guild) in a similar fashion.

Would be great to see these minor features added. Thanks.
I would love to have the features of EKwaitlist (adn EKRaidAttend) added in a user friendly manner to GRSS so I could use 1 addon instead of 3.

EKwaitlist have what Pyra is asking for and does waitlists way better than GRSS (sorry!).

I would also like to have the option to "auto accept" requests to join the waitlist. It seems that if I am getting "spammed" with !waitlist tells it overloads and starts deny'g people. Getting rid of the "accept/deny" window may fix the problem. When I initially start doing the waitlist I would have it off, and then once the raid starts turn it back on.

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