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SO i tried to make a new menu...

SO i tried to make a new menu...
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SO i tried to make a new menu...
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Creator loo
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So using my inept html skills i tried to make a new menu for my guild website which included a visitor counter.

Now i have nfi what i just did because all i did was add a new menu (directtly copied a html code into it) and i cant access any previous menus anymore, everytime i refresh the page i just comes up blank with my whole guild website under one little side box menu.

It\'s here: mutiny.dkpsystem.com

soo ill keep fiddling around with it but any help you can give is much appreciated.

can't really use the site atm!

edit: praying that this is reversible, i will cry if the site gets reset :(
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You're all set. Your problem was in your HTML. You never closed the script tag with </script>.

It's all in the reflexes.

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