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Trouble: "Outland" premade site has no Logo link.

Trouble: "Outland" premade site has no Logo link.
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I am having an issue with the logo not linking back to the main site. I have checked the others and they work(templates). This one seems to be missing some code. Could anyone either give me some info on the issue or even better copy/paste code that I can drop into it?

I have modified the "Outland" template but did nothing w/ the logo itself.



Alrighty, the proper link has been added to the template. If you redeploy the template, the logo link will point properly.

Alternatively, if you wanted to modify the template yourself, you'd have to go to Admin > Layout > Advanced Layout Options, and modify the layout file. You'll see the <img> tag for the logo, and the easiest way is probably to add the following attributes to the <img> tag:

style="cursor:pointer" onClick="location.href='news.php'"

It's all in the reflexes.

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