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GRSS + Vista = not in addons list in game....

GRSS + Vista = not in addons list in game....
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I am trying to get the GRSS mod to work, and it will not show up on my addons list. Running vista. Anyone else have this problem? It's installed with the rest of my addons in the same folder, and I can see all of them on the addons list in game. GuildRaidSnapshot does not show up AT ALL.

I've tried redownloading, reinstalling, all to no avail.

Any thoughts?
To be sure, make sure that inside the GuildRaidSnapShot folder are something like 10 files, and not just another GuildRaidSnapShot folder (this is a common mistake).

It's all in the reflexes.
Yes it was. This was posted for one of my officers (roommate w/e) that is running vista and couldn't get the mod working. Long story short, the actual world of warcraft launcher.exe was in a different location than all his other addons. For some reason, when extracted the GRSS mod wasn't "copying" over to the REAL location of the addons. (love vista btw, glad I didn't conform to that one...)

It was in some folder like c users/public/games/worldofwarcraft... etc.

Took a little convincing to let me get on his comp to find it, but tis all better now.

Thanks for the amazingly fast response time by the way, I was just getting back on to say "nm, I figured it out."


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